Over The Edge

Broken, yet again. How can I live with this, I cannot take it anymore. As pathetic as it sounds the miserable man who has seen nothing but misery since the moment he opened his eyes on this doomed planet we know as earth. Continued murmuring as he picked up the pieces of his shattered life … Continue reading Over The Edge

The Fallen Nation

Based on Experiment #1 by the scientist that goes by the name of Soul. 4 years have passed, chances were presented to all fallen creatures, yet the results have not changed drastically. It is the same, no matter what you do, you will always be disappointed, for most of the creatures share the same spirit … Continue reading The Fallen Nation

The Choice is Yours !

My weary body cannot take any more damage. I am a wreck. My soul is beginning to fade with every cruelty that it experiences, thought that if I endured the pain I would become powerful, but it was too much for my vessel and its inhabitant. Every step I walk I could feel my body … Continue reading The Choice is Yours !

The Curse Of The Righteous

I’m leaving you all behind, the righteous man screamed with despair. Where are you headed, the creatures spoke, with a tone of compassion, that was recognized by the righteous man as a joke, for they are devious and can be deceivable. Packing all his belongings into a bag and dashed towards the horizon, without any … Continue reading The Curse Of The Righteous

Are You Aware ?

Are you lost? Not knowing where you are heading, without a plan trying to satisfy your soul, trying your best to forget about everything that is disturbing your peace of mind along with shifting your focus from what you really want to achieve. If you have not got a plan in your head in your … Continue reading Are You Aware ?


Another year shall pass, the life spoke to the guy “What have you achieved?”, replied the guy "hope", elaborating more “ Great lessons that I have gained great experience from, and mistakes that I am never going to repeat ever in my life, and so I am moving on”. Smiled the life and said you … Continue reading 2017

Stuck In The Past

Sometimes the past can be so cruel that it never leaves you in peace. Trying to move on with your life, but every time you try to get past the emotions and feelings, and move on, life reminds you of what has happened, or rather yourself reminds your pathetic soul that you are not good … Continue reading Stuck In The Past