The Choice is Yours !

My weary body cannot take any more damage. I am a wreck. My soul is beginning to fade with every cruelty that it experiences, thought that if I endured the pain I would become powerful, but it was too much for my vessel and its inhabitant. Every step I walk I could feel my body … Continue reading The Choice is Yours !

The Curse Of The Righteous

I’m leaving you all behind, the righteous man screamed with despair. Where are you headed, the creatures spoke, with a tone of compassion, that was recognized by the righteous man as a joke, for they are devious and can be deceivable. Packing all his belongings into a bag and dashed towards the horizon, without any … Continue reading The Curse Of The Righteous

Start Working Now !

The past the present, and the future, could be a drag, trying to pave your path towards your goals but instead you look back at the unfixable past and blame yourself for the things that lead you to your present where you are feeling guilty, sad and depressed, and sometimes its even worse: you feel … Continue reading Start Working Now !

The Meaning Of Life

Those nights that pass by, that awakes your soul from its slumber, the nights where everything suddenly becomes clear; a great chapter shall unfold in your life. Unable to sleep with all of the series of events and thoughts and research that you have accumulated over the years that is going on and on in … Continue reading The Meaning Of Life

Stuck In The Past

Sometimes the past can be so cruel that it never leaves you in peace. Trying to move on with your life, but every time you try to get past the emotions and feelings, and move on, life reminds you of what has happened, or rather yourself reminds your pathetic soul that you are not good … Continue reading Stuck In The Past