Pacing back and forth, thinking about myself and why am I the one who must tolerate their actions, afraid to lose them even though they have already lost me. Tracing my steps back to the point where it has started and what I saw is something that I cannot forgive myself for.   As my … Continue reading I’M AWARE !

Love, Webs and Spells

Here is a story about a girl that he loved so much that she was the only thing that he feared the most; feared losing her. He never knew that this girl that he loved would one day make him fall apart, a weakness that he never thought of having.  Even though it was a … Continue reading Love, Webs and Spells

T.W.O.T.E -Restless Mind !

What I want seems far from reachable; peace of mind never comes easy, with the mind that I have, for it is so loud and unstable. Thoughts flowing rapidly, making me mumble, a lot of them have labeled me with words, which is far from the truth. It is unsettling, if only they knew what … Continue reading T.W.O.T.E -Restless Mind !

Oh Mind, Can You Please Rest !

When the sunsets and the night crawl in, it is a phenomenal experience to those who have a mind that never rests. To some, it is the time to rest and relax, while for the few of us out there who cannot control the flow of their thoughts it means that the wicked yet magnificent process … Continue reading Oh Mind, Can You Please Rest !

Tampering With  Destiny 

The days pass by, knowing what I know about the future that is yet to be lived, keeping secrets from them, tricking the monsters so that I can survive in this beautiful earth, that was cruel not long ago, but everything has changed. I no longer need to clutch upon my poor soul anymore, for … Continue reading Tampering With  Destiny 

Spells And Hope

T.W.O.T.E "I have written this short article when they were about to put me under their spell; however, I have managed to break the spell  and escape from their cruelty with the my only strength, hope." They have criticized me, making me look like a coward, but I am not feeling sad nor have I … Continue reading Spells And Hope

All Events Lead To The Same Result….

In the darkness, you will never be tired and depressed, you could only feel pain while being restrained; however when you are out there in reality, you will experience a lot of feeling, from which most of these feelings makes you sad and depressed.   If you are still in the darkness and you see … Continue reading All Events Lead To The Same Result….


I woke up to realize that my life has been just a dream, it is all in my head, in my own reality. A realm that I have total control on and where I can rest  and find peace. In reality I was told that dreams do not come true, when in fact they actually … Continue reading Hope

I Miss You

Days have passed, without any pain or misery. As I try to remember what the thing that I have missed is, and that is making me feel weird, I am lost yet again. Entered my mind seeking the stripe of memories, to find out that you are the only one in it. All the memories … Continue reading I Miss You

History Of The Heart

In silence, we try to hide our pain, fabricating the reality that we are living in,  just so that we can survive. Moving on seems to be a simple task , but one must go through a series of phases in order move on, which are denial, anger, depression, and finally acceptance.Love is a spell, … Continue reading History Of The Heart